teamLab “Continuity” at the Asian Art Museum

San Francisco, October 2021

A tour of The Legion of Honor Museum

San Francisco, September 2021

New studio.

18 October 2021, Novato, California, US

Shipping day

1 April 2021, Santiago, Chile

All my paintings are ready to be sent to San Francisco.

View from the home studio in Santiago

26 March 2021, Santiago, Chile

Last day in my home studio before packing all the paintings for shipping.

V Contest of Visual Arts of Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile

3rd PLACE!

10 February 2021, Santiago, Chile

I am very grateful and happy that my artwork “Within the limits” was selected to participate in the V Contest of Visual Arts of Lo Barnechea and as well as having won this wonderful 3rd place, which makes me so happy!


21 November – 7 January 2021, Santiago, Chile

VIII Art Contest in CIS, Lo Barnechea, Santiago, Chile

23 December 2019

Art Exhibition at The Mills Building San Francisco

June 23 – October 20, 2022. I am pleased to present an Art Exhibition of featuring artist members of The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MarinMOCA) at The Mills Building San Francisco. 10 artists were selected by Artsource Consulting to show their work. The exhibition will last until 20 October. The building is open to the public during…