We are faced with nature that is constantly changing. Sometimes the changes are part of a natural cycle, like a sunset, low tide or the arrival of a new season. Other times they are sudden events, like an earthquake or the breaking apart of glacier.

These natural events are reflected in the series of abstract landscapes entitled PHENOMENA. There is an encounter between two painting styles: the randomness of a painting technique that is reminiscent of Gerhard Richter’s work and the geometry of small squares that results from the application of paint with brushes, with the size of each square adapted to the thickness of different brushes.  In creating these works, I pay special attention to the forms that are superimposed on each other, as they represent computer language and the place that technology occupies in our society. Each pixel, or square, floats and levitates in my landscapes, assembling the narrative, like pieces of a puzzle assembling the sense of change and transformation that exists in Nature. 

My series of works entitled INFINITY also reflects on the world in which we live and focuses on the idea of ​​infinity in terms of time and space. This type of abstract landscapes is inspired by scientific images of both the micro and macro cosmos.

The landscape in all its forms, the place where we are, the logic of nature, the images that move us of the world, my own transformation. Color and experimentation are my tools to express my message, the ideas come from the work process itself, which starts from instinct, intuition and a sensitive connection.

Elena Guryeva was born and raised in Russia, where she graduated and worked as an architect. In 2013 Elena moved to Belgium, where she started to divide her time between work and art making practice. After her second relocation to Santiago, Chile in 2017, Elena decided to shift her focus in career towards art. New surroundings of Chile became endless source of inspiration. Elena joined a group of artists and dedicated all her time to painting. She participated in art exhibitions and art contests, her works were collected locally and internationally. In 2021 Elena moved once more, now she lives and works as a freelance artist in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA. Elena is a member of The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MarinMOCA).