My name is Elena Guryeva, I was born and raised in Russia, where I graduated and worked as an architect. After living and working in various countries, I came to California, USA.

Painting allows me to work more freely and directly with materials, which I am passionate about. Nurtured with the multiplicity of places I have have seen during my international travels and relocations. I prefer to locate myself in the landscape genre. Sometimes my works are literal, although most of the time are quite abstract. Nature is always my source of inspiration.


     We are faced with nature that is constantly changing. Sometimes the changes are part of a natural cycle, like a sunset, or the arrival of a new season. Other times they are sudden events, like an earthquake, or breaking apart of glacier.

In my painting, I am drawn to materialize the changes in nature and the places that inspire me while traveling.

Sometimes I approach landscape in a traditional way, but often I choose a more abstract approach.

In my series of abstract landscapes entiteled “Energy,” there is an encounter between two painting styles: the randomness that reminicsent of Gerhard Richter’s work and the geometry of small squares that results from the application of paint with brushes, with the size of each square adapted to the thickness of different brushes. In creating this works, I pay special attention to the forms that are superimposed on each other, as they represent computer language and the place that technology occupies in our society. Each pixel, or square, floats and levitates in my landscapes, assembling the narrative, like pieces of a puzzle assembling the sense of change and transformation that exists in Nature.

My series of works entitled “Infinity” also reflects on the world in which we live and focuses on the idea of ​​infinity in terms of time and space. This type of landscapes (also abstract) is inspired by scientific images of both the micro and macro cosmos.

I seek to represent my own experiences and emotions in my work and to convey those experiences and emotions to the viewer.


The landscape in all its forms, the place where we stand, the logic of nature, the images that move us from the world, my own transformation. Color and experimentation are my tools to capture my message, the ideas come from the work process itself, which starts from instinct, intuition and a sensitive connection.


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