In the series Phenomena, I am motivated to materialize changes in nature. Often these shifts are a part of a natural cycle. For example, a sunset, a low tide or the arrival of a new season. Other times they are sudden events, like an earthquake or the collapse of a glacier.
In this body of work there is an encounter between two painting styles. One being of randomness of a technique that is reminiscent of Gerhard Richter’s work. The second referencing the geometry of small squares that results from the application of paint with brushes, with the size of each square adapted to the thickness of different brushes.  In creating these works, I pay special attention to the forms that are superimposed, as they represent computer language and the place that technology occupies in our society. Each pixel, or square, floats and levitates in my landscapes, assembling the narrative, like pieces of a puzzle activating transformation that exists in Nature.